Sichuan Hongtu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and promotion of graphic information system, the company independently developed with completely independent intellectual property rights GWIGS grand wisdom of geographic information system and interactive graphics system, smart city, large-scale location services, graphic information interactive application platform based in big data applications display and multi system integration field with leading core technology.
The company has core intellectual property rights of software and the original certification, with dynamic real-time video of GIS system based on fusion technology, real-time data communication technology and graphic information interaction technology, dynamic mapping techniques, a variety of map data vectorization processing technology and so on a number of invention patents and utility model patents, with industry's leading technology systems and products in the field of smart city each big industry system, emergency response at the sudden command platform, practical application and summarizes the with a safe, efficient, flat, perspective, the integration of the industry as a whole solution.
Grand wisdom of the backbone of R & D team from 2001, is committed to research and development of high-end military digital sand table, 3D GIS based engine, graphical information interaction, computer graphics, virtual reality and simulation technology, continuous innovation and development of leading technology, for the construction of intelligent transportation, transparent area, security intelligence, emergency command, smart city, border and coastal monitoring and transparent air port in the field of intelligent information provides the basic platform, provide a strong technical support and security services for the armed police, public security, transportation, tourism and government departments and. Company will insist for a long time to the user as the center of the collaborative and innovative business philosophy, continue to struggle to create the world famous brand, continue to create greater economic and social value.